Saturday, August 27, 2011


Nothing beats the happiness you receive from a friend by just being in there company. And when you haven't seen your best friends for months at a time, not even spoken to them and you are able to sit down and talk and talk and talk as if you were never apart, you cherish there presence and always leave there company feeling great!

When I think of my closest friends, I only see them in my mind with smiles. Friends can bring such a high to your life and at the same time, we never really sit back and think about how special they really are and how much they affect our lives in such a positive way.

It's funny when I think about how much I want to impress my friends and bring positivity to them at any chance possible. The nice thing with the friends I have is that I feel no matter where I am in life, where I work or what I wear is not a necessary impression I feel I need prove or show to make them happy. To impress my friends is to show them I am happy, or when I am not, that I feel comfortable talking to them with no restraints. And to my friends I always listen. I will always be there.

I forever wish that happiness could be in there lives, and even though I know that sometimes it's hard to be happy, at least I know that I can support them just as they support me.

I'm pretty sure I think about my friends everyday.  

I can't imagine how I could live through all the set backs and content in my life without having them in my BBM and my heart :)

I love you friends, you know who you are.