Thursday, February 10, 2011


My mind sometimes moves a little too fast when thrown a scenario that I cannot control. But I understand that we all have priorities that can take up more of our personal time than we would like. It all makes those little special moments so much more meaningful, especially when we practice patience. With all the crazy things that I have had to go through, patience is a whole lot easier then worrying.

I tend to throw myself into relationships full force, but I am realizing that doing this isn't going to create happiness in all other aspects of my life, in my priorities. I know that time and patience is always the winner. Or not... But time is there, so really, why rush it when doing so could land you in a worse predicament then you ever thought could happen. Speaking from experience.

When you have been through a bad relationship, it's hard not to compare qualities in others that remind you of the past, but I am finding myself pretty lucky at the moment because I am working into a relationship that has only brought me curiosity about this person as an individual of his own traits. A new book to be read, slowly.

And although I do slightly fear that I am still moving too fast, even just by talking about it, I feel it important to share my thoughts with others that could be inspired, or comforted by my experience, willpower and guts to display it online.

So stop worrying, use patience as a tool and don't forget that you are the most important person in your life that can create true happiness.

My positive nature has returned.